What I do

Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting

  • Recording transactions
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Reconciling ledgers
  • Preparing management reports and financial statements

Managing Accounts Receivable/Payables

  • Sending invoices and statement of accounts to clients
  • Reconciling customers balances
  • Accounting for total deposit to make sure everything is accounted
  • Preparing payments to suppliers
  • Reconciling details of payables
  • Providing cash flow projection


  • Accounting for employee hours
  • Calculating and processing payroll
  • Accounting for EI, CPP, and withholding taxes
  • Processing T4, T4A, ROE and year end summary requirements


New Business/Changes to existing Business

  • Assistance with business registration
  • ¬†Setting-up accounting and payroll
  • Providing training to client’s employees
  • Establishing or improving internal control
  • Migration to new accounting or payroll software

Management Accounting

  • Product margin analysis
  • Constraint analysis
  • Capital budgeting
  • Trend analysis and forecasting
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic management

Tax Services

Individual Tax Services

  • Employed
  • Contractor
  • Individual with rental properties or investments

Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

  • Incorporated corporation or partnership